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Apathy Girl and Other Tales

Musings of the Overly Naive Cynic

I am not your Valentine. I will not wake up on a cold February morning and try to find my reddest most wanton dress. I will not carefully style my hair to look as if I did nothing at all. I will not paint my lips to draw your attention.

I am not your Valentine. I will not go about my day while casting furtive glances at my phone, waiting for a call, a text, notification that might change my outlook. I will not hope that when my secretary pages me it will because there are tiger lilies in reception with a sweet note attached to them, they are my favorite and you know it. I will not pick at expensive chocolates in a red velvet case.

I am not your Valentine. I will not slide silk seamed stockings over my legs. I will not put perfume on so that you smell it briefly when you lean in. I will not leave lip gloss on your cheek, a mark to show I was there. I will not press against you and you will not long to do the same.

I am not your Valentine. I will wake up and celebrate that it is Friday. I will dress in slacks and flats. I will pull my hair away from my face. I will put on chapstick.

I am not your Valentine. I will go about my day answering emails, text messages, and phone calls, writing about events that change the outlook of others. I will answer my secretary’s memo about a missed call or a moved meeting. I will eat the lunch I packed.

I am not your Valentine. I will slide into casual clothing. I will wash my face clean. I will lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. Maybe you will do the same.


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