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Apathy Girl and Other Tales

Musings of the Overly Naive Cynic

Her heart, maybe it started to pound, she was not quite sure. She was only aware of the fact that she could discern herself in the reflective surface of two sets of dark glasses. Aware of their slow, floating steps as they moved towards her. And the others moving over him. She should run. Their hands were clamping down on his waxen flesh, jerking him up in a surprisingly careless manner. She could not convince herself that she had not seen one of them smile at the markings carved into his back. She barely noticed the hands reaching out for her, deliberate, no rush, performing the task of capturing her methodically. Cool fingers intwined into her hair, bringing at once searing pain and glorious relief. It was almost over. Maybe she would see him again. She had been removed of the ground, held up so that her bare toes just brushed the clean dirt floor of the forest. Ayelet could not focus on the reflection in the Adumbration’s glasses, it was not worth the distraction from the sensation. She closed her eyes.

“Ayelet? You have to run.” His voice, warm, in her mind.

“No, just wait, I’m coming.” She replied, comforting herself, playing the scene out on the back of her eyelids.

“Ayelet. Run.” A command, followed by a very real commotion in the clearing. Her captor dropped her, removing its glasses. Ayelet saw the opaque eyes widen, taking in the birds swarming up from no place, a black cloud to the sky, the pollen of a million flowers filling the air, trees falling at random. Snakes came up from the ground, undulating in front of the Adumbration before striking with purpose. Ayelet got to her feet, but those feet did not run, they rooted as the trees, allowing her to see the Adumbration turn towards her, for her to see the panic in its eyes as it backed away from her.

“Ayelet. You know why you must go. Now RUN!”

There was a nudge from deep inside her, a sudden energy and fear not her own. She ran. They did not follow her.

She ran for miles, out of the woods, away from the green life and death. She ran until she could no longer see him lying on the forest floor. She ran until their opaque eyes could not see her. Until their gray hearts (if they had such a thing) could not care. She ran until the air set a match to her lungs and bit at her legs. Until her feet hit gravel. Until her feet hit pavement. Until her arms were grabbed by friends and she was held close and carried into the darkness. Until there was nothing.


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