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Apathy Girl and Other Tales

Musings of the Overly Naive Cynic

I wore flannel, my hair in braids with flowers, my handmade bags. I did that way before you. I listened to The Beatles on vinyl, heard Death Cab’s first EP, was at all of Ha Ha Tonka’s shows. I was there long before you were. I used words like flat, petrol, lift, fag. I spoke the King’s English while y’all were still gummin’. I did not eat meat, bought organic, complained about the lack of Trader Joe’s. I did that sooner than you. I drink black coffee, caramel colored scotch, the Champagne of Beers, I smoked cigars. I looked stellar in a bar before that word was mainstream. I am a liberal, I voted for Ron Paul, I have ironic Gay Rights buttons, I believe in the right to choose. I chose that before you. I went to a liberal arts university, I was apathetic about graduating, I ignored my work, writing papers that weren’t assigned. I was an underachiever while you were still bright eyed in high school. I could discuss Foucault’s homosexuality, Sartre’s pedophilia, Rand’s extramarital affairs. I knew the important things about the important philosophers when you were stuck on Machiavelli. I was cool and detached, I made snide comments, I was too good for others. I was condescending way before you knew the difference between coincidence and irony. I was stalwart, I was unbending, I was arrogant. I was unable to compromise long before you. I did not want children, wanted to live in a broken down midtown loft, could care less about material possessions. I arbitrarily defined myself long before you believed that definition.



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